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Don't Take Our Word For It . . . 

Below is every single anonymous testimonial from our 2019 INMF Feedback Survey


“Hands down, the best experience of the Summer. I'll most definitely be applying again for the 2020 season.”


“INMF was an incredibly engaging and exciting experience that really gave me a firsthand view of the modern composition and new music performance paradigm that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is even mildly interested in the industry!”


“Because of the small size of the festival, I really got to know everyone. I came away from the festival with a stronger network composers and performers who I will definitely work with again when I have the chance!

As a composer, I didn't know I would learn so much from the various rehearsals and instrumental masterclasses. I now have a better knowledge of instrument capabilities and limitations and the importance of clear notation.”


“Such an intimate experience with a remarkably diverse group of musicians and industry professionals (complete with coastal mountains and stunning wildlife in the backdrop) made for one of the most inspiring and fulfilling two weeks of my life. I cannot wait to return and learn more!”


“Impulse New Music Festival opened my eyes to so many things in such a short amount of time. I feel that I have a better grasp on what I want out of being a musician, my career, and what I can expect from those in the field around me. I have a new cohort of colleagues that I can turn to for support and collaboration, as well as a number of new contacts within the field. I feel that I've grown significantly from attending, in all capacities.”

“Impulse was easily the highlight of my summer. The lectures were so beneficial, the weather was beautiful, and the collaborative, non-competitive atmosphere helped me grow immensely as a musician and individual. Favorite festival I’ve been to.”



“In this festival I truly learned the importance of relationships in the music industry and the connections I made here opened so many wonderful opportunities for my career now and in the future. I now feel like I know where to start. I would highly recommend attending INMF. Not only are the admin incredibly welcoming and insightful, but the overall festival is beneficial in so many ways. You will make priceless connections with your peers in the music and performance industries and gain knowledge from those who have found ways to be successful. You will also learn how to handle yourself in the real world and gain confidence in yourself as a composer or performer so that when the time comes to do a collaboration or commission you will be ready and excited. So many wonderful things have come out of INMF for me as a composer and even just as a person.”



*Below is every single anonymous testimonial from our 2020 INMF Feedback Survey


“I've enjoyed being part of INMF and getting new knowledge and perspective on composition and form. It have also been a great pleasure to have my piece workshopped and given feedback on. Such a great festival!”


“I can't wait to come back again, it's exciting to see such dedication from Performers AND Composers alike!”


“It was a lot of fun and a very helpful resource. Just talking with the staff helped give me insights in the world of composition.”


“I attend lots of festivals - I even did so during lockdown - and INMF2020 really stood out. I felt that the faculty of composers and performers were exceptionally generous with their time and knowledge. More than that, however, I felt that they had a clear and current focus on the world of music making, gave honest answers to difficult questions, and actually offered me practical, usable advice on how to further my career. I came away from every session feeling energised and motivated. I would strongly recommend this festival.”



“This was great! I really enjoyed working with both Aron and Brandon. Both of them were very well-spoken and knowledgeable, and I'm glad for their advice and insight on my music.”


“INMF is truly unique in the world of music festivals. To participate in any festival is a treat, but taking part in INMF2020 was a gift. In the midst of great global-health complications and limitations, the ingenuity and creativity of the festival along with their dedicated and caring professionals were inspiring and insightful. The world may have come to a halt during the pandemic, but thanks to the festival I will come out of it a stronger and more capable musician and colleague. With many uncertainties and challenges ahead, I've never felt more ready to embrace them and keep growing and learning. I can take away as much in one hour at the festival as I did in entire semesters as an undergraduate, and that is entirely thanks to their tutelage, leadership and compassion. I cannot wait to work with my colleagues from the program in the future.”


“INMF connected me with master teachers and players who helped me to focus and clarify my musical ideas and expand my palette for expression in a fun and supportive environment.”


“INMF is such an amazing support system of people, both faculty and fellow performers, and really helped guide me in the future steps of my career. I am so grateful for everything I have learned, and I feel so lucky to have met all of the amazing musicians involved. I feel connected to a community and a network of people for me to continue to collaborate with in my future musical endeavors.”

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