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Composition Program

The Composition Program at INMF is focused on giving you the resources, inspiration, and flexibility to master the skills of craft while developing a distinct individual artistic voice.

Too often, composers leave their academic programs feeling woefully underprepared for the practical realities of taking the next steps in their career. Whether your ideal career path is professional creative work, academia, or arts entrepreneurship, the INMF Composition Program provides resources to assist you in transitioning from "student-artist" to "artist." During your time at INMF, you will cultivate your creative practice through musical expertise, networking, and career consulting--addressing critical elements of composition that are difficult to cover in an academic program, yet essential to working in the field.

In designing the program, we continually asked ourselves one main question: What do I know now, that I wish I had known earlier in my career? Every element of our program, from faculty and schedule, to evening lectures and housing, has been deliberately structured based on our answers.



Each composer selected for INMF will compose a new work for an assigned instrumentation. During the first week of the festival, composers collaborate directly with INMF Chamber Ensemble performers to test out ideas, make edits, and finalize the score. During the second week, composers observe coaching and rehearsals leading up to the recording and premiere of their work.



In addition to one-on-one lessons, INMF composers have the opportunity to present their music at one of the Composition Masterclasses. These short presentations provide an opportunity to receive feedback from faculty and colleagues, introduce attendees to your work, and to practice presenting your research/ creative work. Masterclasses can be filmed for the composer's reference, if requested. 


Excellent musicianship is the foundation of compositional craft. Accordingly, in addition to the other program activities aimed at solidifying your craft, INMF 2020 will provide composers the opportunity to take a conducting crash course, sign up for one-on-one conducting lessons each week, and participate in a conducting masterclass with live musicians. Participation is optional and prior conducting experience is not necessary.


Our Evening Lecture Series provides several interactive, career-oriented workshops as a part of festival. Ranging from coaching on your job documents and providing headshots to a computer music workshop, this program supplements INMF's musical activities with practical, strategic topics and skills. To best reflect the interests of the cohort, admitted applicants will have the opportunity to provide ideas for INMF's final Evening Lecture.



The core Composition Faculty represents a breadth of approaches to creative work and career. 


Brandon J. Rolle is a composer and conductor whose work breaks down boundaries between tradition and experimentation. Incorporating psychoacoustics, electronic techniques, and computer programming into the creative practice, his works evoke a singular language both modern and intuitive. Rolle's music has been heard at concerts and festivals across the U.S. and Europe, and his upcoming season includes a number of commissions, masterclasses, and residencies. Dr. Rolle serves as the Artistic Director and Head of Composition at the Impulse New Music Festival.


Joel Feigin comes from a lineage of training that is at the very heart of western art music. Studying with Roger Sessions at Juilliard and Nadia Boulanger at Fontainebleau, he has established a career as a composer and teacher of inimitable craft--his output includes a stunning collection of chamber, orchestral, and operatic works. Dr. Feigin is Professor Emeritus at University of California, Santa Barbara.


Mari Kimura has built a wholly-unique career as a classical violinist turned performer-composer-inventor. Starting with her pioneering work on subtones for string instruments, her curiosity has continued to lead her in new directions, including the development of the  MUGIC™, a 9-axis sensor which she uses in composition and performance in conjunction with specialized software. Kimura is the founding director of the Future Music Lab at the Atlantic Music Festival, teaches interactive computer music at Juilliard, and is Professor of Music at University of California, Irvine's Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology (ICIT) program.


Two of the most valuable aspects of attending any festival are the focused environment for work, and the network of relationships  you leave with. To encourage both of these, we have arranged for an outstanding festival housing and meal plan for all INMF Fellows, which is included in the tuition. Residing in a community of apartments just off-campus, you will be minutes from the music facilities, dining commons, Pacific Ocean, and downtown Isla Vista, and short drive from beautiful downtown Santa Barbara.  The meal plan allows you to swipe in and out of the dining commons to access delicious, healthy meals every day of your stay. With nearby access to the many attractions of Santa Barbara, you will have everything you need to focus, rejuvenate, and build relationships that will continue long after the festival.



INMF 2020 Composition Program

Tuition includes all program costs, housing (double), and 10 meal/week


*Finalists may request consideration for scholarship assistance from INMF.

Additionally, the Artistic Director will supply letters of support for outside funding to finalists.

Not ready to commit to the full Composition Program, but still interested in joining us this summer and becoming a part of the INMF community? 


Other Questions?


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