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Composition Program

The Composition Program at INMF is focused on giving you the resources, inspiration, and flexibility to master the skills of craft while developing your own individual artistic voice.

Too often when composers leave their academic programs they feel woefully unprepared for the practical realities of the next steps in their career, whether that be undertaking professional work or continuing their education with graduate school. The INMF Composition Program is dedicated to helping you transition from student to artist; we designed this summer festival to help cultivate your creative process, not only through musical expertise, but also by addressing those elements of composition difficult or impossible to cover in an academic program, and yet essential to working in the field.

In designing the program, we asked ourselves one main question: What do I know now, that I wish I had known earlier in my career? Every element of our program, from faculty and schedule, to evening lectures and housing, has been carefully chosen based on our answers.


The core Composition Faculty represents a breadth of approaches to creative work and career. Artistic Director and Head of Composition, Brandon J. Rolle, is a composer whose work breaks down boundaries between tradition and experimentation. His compositions are deeply rooted in counterpoint and orchestration on the one hand, but equally informed by psychoacoustics and computer programming on the other; finding points of connection between these seemingly disparate elements distinguishes his creative work, research, and teaching. Joel Feigin comes from a lineage of training that is at the very heart of western art music. Studying with Roger Sessions at Juilliard and Nadia Boulanger at Fontainebleau, he has established a career as a composer and teacher of inimitable craft--his output includes a stunning collection of chamber, orchestral, and operatic works. Mari Kimura has built a wholly unique career as a classical violinist-turned-composer-inventor. Starting with her pioneering work in creating subtones on violin, her curiosity has continued to lead her in new directions, including the development of the  MUGIC™, a 9-axis sensor which she uses in composition and performance in conjunction with specialized software. Kimura is the founding director of the Future Music Lab at the Atlantic Music Festival, teaches interactive computer music at Juilliard, and is Professor of Music at University of California, Irvine's Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology (ICIT) program.

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Serving as the hub of the composition program, Composition Forum is a daily morning meeting place where we congregate to discuss technique and aesthetics, not only through the great musical examples in the extant modern repertoire, but also through the people shaping the field right now--you and your colleagues. Each composer will have an opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from the full festival cohort, developing vital skills in effectively speaking about their process and engaging with criticism. Equally important, this introduction to your work can be an important catalyst for future performances and collaborations with your INMF Colleagues.


Composers are encouraged to attend the instrumental masterclasses and ensemble coachings in the morning and afternoon, which provide essential experience in idiomatic writing and in the realities of preparing a piece for performance and recording. All composers will have a work read and recorded by INMF Performers, and Full Session composers will have a new work premiered at the Festival Concert.  Composers will leave with high-quality audio and video recordings of the concert, reading, and recording session, which can be used for promotional (non-commercial) use on their website, applications, and portfolio.

The Evening Lecture Series is intended to stimulate thinking about various elements of a career in music that fall outside the domain of masterclasses, lessons, or coaching. Ranging from the role of technology in performance, to job documents and professional writing, to production and branding, each lecture will provide both a short presentation and a hands-on workshop that will give you the opportunity to speak informally with our guest lecturers about your interests, ask questions, and engage these ideas directly. The culminating Press Kit Crash Course will be a special evening lecture including a photo shoot for interested INNM Fellows to have headshots taken, and a workshop for building/updating their website.

The schedule, while robust, also leaves significant time for composers to undertake their own creative work and research under the guidance of the Composition Faculty. Practice rooms, study rooms, an electronic studio, and one-on-one lessons are all available to INMF composers to ensure that  you have everything you need to make best use of your time at the festival.

Click here for the tentative schedule for Impulse New Music Festival.


Two of the most valuable aspects of attending any festival are the environment of  highly-focused work while you are there, and the community of relationships and connections you leave with. To encourage both of these, we have arranged for outstanding festival housing and meal plan for all INMF Fellows, which is built-in to the tuition. Residing in beautiful 2- and 3-bedroom apartments of Sierra Madre, you will be just minutes away from the daytime music facilities at UCSB, from the beach, and from downtown Isla Vista, and mere steps away from the Evening Lecture Series conference room, gym, study rooms, and dining commons. Our 10 meal per week plan allows you to swipe in and out of the dining commons with great flexibility, guaranteeing you access to delicious, healthy meals every day of your stay. With common areas, movie nights, and nearby access to the many attractions of Santa Barbara, you will have everything you need not only to focus, but also to build memories and relationships that will continue long after the festival.

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*2020 Details and Pricing coming soon.

Not ready to commit to the full Composition Program, but still interested in joining the INMF community and learning more about making art and a career in New Music?


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