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Auditor Program

The Auditor Program gives interested musicians and music-lovers the opportunity to join the INMF 2020 community with an All-Access pass to observe our masterclasses, performances, coachings, recording sessions, as well as the evening lecture series and special events. Auditors will meet one-on-one with the Artistic Director to tailor their festival experience to reflect their interests and career goals; without the pressure of performing/composing, the Auditor Program provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to deepen your engagement with modern classical music.

To maximize flexibility, the Auditor Program does not include festival housing or meal plan. INMF Staff are, however, happy to assist you in finding  nearby accommodations for the duration of your visit.

To find out more about the programs you can observe, we encourage you to look through the Composition Program and Performance Program pages:

Composition Program   |   Performance Program 


INMF 2020 Auditor Program

Tuition includes access to all program events.

Does not include housing or meal plan.


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