This year, from August 1 - 14, 2021,  Impulse New Music Festival will be offering numerous exciting opportunities, including private online lessons for performers and composers, reviews of your professional documents, and the chance for composers to work virtually with performance faulty or our Ensemble-in-Residence, Brightwork Ensemble, on a piece to be performed on our streaming  concerts  on August 21, 2021. Composers enrolled only in lessons may still submit electronic works for consideration on the concert programs. All admitted applicants have access to our public Evening Lecture Series, and exclusive access to our streaming Masterclasses.


Through our Non-Profit status and the humbling generosity of our faculty, friends, and new music community, all the packages for INMF 2021 are being offered to admitted applicants at significantly-reduced cost. We believe strongly in breaking down socio-economic barriers to music education, and so we will be continuing to fundraise for additional scholarship support. If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship for INMF 2021, please reach out to our Artistic Director directly at

About INMF 2021



*Applicants may apply to one or multiple programs for INMF 2021


08/01 - 08/14 


Selected Applicants compose a new solo work for assigned instrument, working with composition and performance faculty during the festival to prepare for its premiere at our streamed Solo Works Concert.

  • 3 Composition Lessons (50 min)

  • 2 Instrumental Workshops (30 min)

  • 1 Reading/rehearsal (50 min)

  • Recorded Performance by INMF Faculty

  • Access to Streaming Masterclasses & Evening Lecture Series

Instruments Available:

flute, violin, viola, cello, piano

$800 total


08/01 - 08/14 


Selected Applicants compose a new solo work for Brightwork Ensemble, working with composition faculty and the ensemble during the festival to prepare for its premiere at our streamed Ensemble Works Concert.

  • 3 Composition Lessons (50 min)

  • Instr. Workshops with each ensemble member (30 min)

  • 1 Reading/rehearsal (50 min)

  • Recorded Performance by Brightwork

  • Access to Streaming Masterclasses & Evening Lecture Series

Brightwork Instrumentation:

flute, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion

$1,475 total


08/01 - 08/14 


Hone your craft, polish an existing work, or develop a new work under the guidance of our composition faculty. Whether your interest is counterpoint and orchestration or contemporary and electronic techniques, you will work one-on-one to build critical skills and strategies for a career in the field. Participants may submit an electronic work for inclusion in one of INMF 2021's streaming concerts.

  • 3 Composition Lessons (50 min)

  • Optional electronic work performance

  • Access to Streaming Masterclasses & Evening Lecture Series



08/01 - 08/14 


Performers, this one is for you: Work with INMF Performance faculty to build musical, technical, and analytical skills that will take your playing to the next level. Whether standard repertoire or challenging new music, one-on-one lessons give you the opportunity to focus on what you need to develop your craft and carve out a career in the field.

  • 3 Instrumental Lessons (50 min)

  • Access to Streaming Masterclasses & Evening Lecture Series


Available Instruments:

flute, violin, viola, cello, piano



08/01 - 08/14 


Get written feedback and notes on your C.V., Cover Letter, or other Professional Document from INMF Faculty. Utilize the video consultation to talk strategies, ask questions, and review feedback to ensure your documents are helping you put your best foot forward. Limited spaces available, priority for participants enrolled in Solo, Brightwork, Composition, or Performance Packages.

  • Written Feedback on 2 documents

  • Video Consultation (30 minutes)




We Are

Unlike Anything Else




I attend lots of festivals - I even did so during lockdown - and INMF2020 really stood out. I felt that the faculty of composers and performers were exceptionally generous with their time and knowledge. More than that, however, I felt that they had a clear and current focus on the world of music making, gave honest answers to difficult questions, and actually offered me practical, usable advice on how to further my career. I came away from every session feeling energised and motivated. I would strongly recommend this festival.


Faculty & Guest Artists


Artistic Director

A Los Angeles-based composer and conductor, Dr. Rolle's  interdisciplinary approach to composition incorporates psychoacoustics, computer programming, and electronic techniques.


Guest Artist, Cello

Principal Cello of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, deMaine is an incredibly accomplished musician with a passion for new music.


Performance Faculty, Viola

Violist and co-founder of new-music duo Spacepants, Wade is a versatile musician with an incredible range of experience from the studio to experimental performance art.


Composition Faculty

Feigin's brilliant music combines a deep sense of tradition inspired by his studies with Nadia Boulanger and Roger Sessions, with an ambitious and curious musical imagination.


Professional Development

Dr. Mariya Vizireanu consults on processional documents, and is Research Associate at the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University.


Resident Ensemble

Consisting of world-class musicians, Brightwork is a flexible and fearless ensemble championing the works of today's best living composers.

Vlad Vizireanu

Executive Director

Maestro Vizireanu is an active conductor who is passionate about bringing new music and living composers to his audiences through creative programming.


Guest Artist, Composition

Composer, Performer, Improviser, and Inventor Mari Kimura is truly a one-of a-kind musician, trailblazing an exciting path in performative technology.


Performance Faculty, Cello

Walters performs some of the most demanding and virtuosic new repertoire for cello, including works written through her collaboration with the composer.


Performance Faculty, Violin

With an international career as a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician, Dr. Aubrun brings exciting and intelligent approach to new music.


Performance Faculty, Flute

Principal flute for L.A.'s experimental classical ensemble, Wild Up, Grammy-nominated McKibben has extensive experience in new music and working with living composers.


Composer-Performer Faculty

Solo and chamber musician Andrew Tholl is a performer-composer with a breadth of experience spanning studio, classical, and experimental work.


Masterclasses & Evening Lecture Series

*As we finalize our schedule, topics and dates may be adjusted

2021 Video Streams

Writing for the Cello
Performative Technology
INMF Concert:
Career Developing Workshop
The Musician's Guide to Sound
INMF Concert:
Solo works
Composer Bootcamp
Notes from the Podium

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